Phase 2

Limited capacity

We begin reopening our offices but for very limited use only, maintaining a low enough capacity to provide adequate spacing. Access to the space is still tightly controlled and require pre-screening, and employees may be assigned to a schedule or to different workspaces in order to maintain spacing.

Key Details

External triggers

  • Federal, state, and city relaxes restrictions on non-essential businesses

Possible revert from Phase 3:

  • If local government re-establishes social distancing protocals

Internal dependencies

  • Business has enough PPE, sanitation equipment, etc. to accommodate
  • Office is sufficiently prepared for more people
  • RTO Kit for employees prepared
  • Company leadership approval

Target timeline

Kansas City: TBD

Not within 2 weeks following a large holiday

Occupancy targets

300 sq. ft. per person

  • Max occupancy in SF: 65 people

Who can be in the office?

Eligible Employees

Workers who want to return to the workplace for personal preference or team productivity:

  • Those in roles where physical presence is a priority
  • Workers who are eager to return to the workplace and who meet the guidelines to return safely
  • Team leads and senior leaders whose presence may help facilitate effective team work and boost company confidence in coming to the office.


  • External visitors are allowed when deemed essential.
  • Must be pre-registered and complete pre-screening in Envoy.


  • Final round interviews may be conducted in person if candidate and interviewer(s) are comfortable

Guidelines for entry

Employee screening requirements

  • Envoy Protect daily screening
  • Kisi access limited to approved only

Social distancing requirements

  • Minimum 6 foot distance at all times
  • No congregating in common areas
  • Checkerboard pattern for desks
  • 1-way traffic flow, marked on floor

PPE requirements

  • Face coverings required when not seated at workstation
  • Gloves for WP+T (and touchless handoff of equipment)


Discourage public transit and prefer vehicles < 3 people (Helpful link = “What if I have to take public transit?”)

Cleaning plans

San Francisco

1-2 day porters assigned to a schedule for cleaning and disinfecting areas of the office such as Kitchen & pantry Bathrooms Walls and glass Employee desks Floors Common surface areas Conference rooms

Normal janitorial service provided by the building

All offices must have enough hand sanitizers, soap, and other sanitation products in stock. WP responsible for ordering, stocking, and distributing supplies

To be considered additionally: Training and verification for cleaning Monitoring last-cleaned-time of spaces

Kansas City

Edison Spaces has a cleaning crew that will continue coming nightly to vacuum and empty trash. They will be cleaning the entire common area spaces thoroughly just as they normally do. In addition, they will continue cleaning all elevator call buttons, all common area door handles, stairwell handrails and keypads

Envoy has 5 private offices in the space, it is individuals’ responsibility to disinfect and keep it clean

Environmental changes

Common areas

• Common areas closed

  • Lunch area closed (meals eaten at desks)
  • Shared kitchen amenities unavailable (esperesso machine, coffee, etc.)

Conference rooms

  • Conference rooms available with limited capacity
  • Capacity will be posted outside each room
  • Cleaning supplies available in every room



Company meetings

Maintain all virtual?

Food & Beverage

Lunch - San Francisco

Individual boxed lunches will be delivered daily (Cater2Me?)

Lunch - Kansas City

  • Continue to use self-organized Seamless delivery

Drinks and snacks


Required documents

Government-provided resources


Travel restrictions

  • Essential travel allowed only with approval.
  • 14 day quarantine required for anyone travelling back to home office area

Travel implications

If you travel outside the state, you’re at increased risk of bringing COVID-19 back to the office. Employees are allowed to travel for personal reasons, but upon returning they must either:

  1. Self-quarantine for a minimum of 14 days before coming into the office, OR
  2. Receive a negative COVID-19 test at least 48 hours after returning.

Building Protocols

San Francisco

We are following CDC recommendations including enhanced cleaning protocols, with increased frequency and scope, for our building common areas. All building personnel will wear masks. Our building employees are following best practices with respect to wearing personal protective equipment. In addition, we are taking the following steps:

  • Availability of hand sanitizers at building entrances.
  • Evaluating touch less protocols and technology.
  • Optimizing air distribution.
  • Installing NanoSeptic handle coverings and push contact point coverings on common area doors.

Kansas City

Keeping the workplace clean is the key

  • Make sure that your private office and workstations are sanitized. Edison Spaces does not clean inside our suites.
  • Please pay special attention to cleaning break rooms, conference rooms, huddle rooms, and phone rooms – surfaces, handles, etc. once you’re done using them.
  • Antibacterial cleaning products will be available in each break room, conference room, huddle/ phone rooms.

Meeting rooms and common area spaces should not be crammed with members:

  • Huddle rooms - no more than two people.
  • Conference rooms - make sure the distance between the seats is at least three feet apart.
  • Large conference rooms – max 10 people
  • Small conference rooms – max 5 people
  • Break rooms – no more than 10 people gathered in the break room.

You will see these signs throughout the space as a reminder to please sanitize the area after you use it. All supplies will be provided in these areas and we ask that you dispose of your paper towels after everything is wiped down.


Both men’s and women’s bathrooms will have a StepNpull - an operated door opener.